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What can be exhibited in the online W@DesArts Gallery?

W@DesArts Gallery is an online gallery featuring art and design items created by women creators the Gallery, you can exhibit your works, provided:

  • You are a woman creator who is invited to exhibit your creative works in this Gallery;

  • All exhibited creative works are designed and/or made by you;

  • You use your own photographs or photographs that you are authorised to use for presenting your exhibited creative works;

  • Photos of your exhibited items are of a sufficiently high resolution and are otherwise appropriate for exhibition purposes.


Who will be invited to the Pop-up Exhibition on 7 December 2017?

Two vernissage events will be open to everybody interested; W@DesArts will invite, in particular:

  • International W@ professional community (legal professionals, politicians, officials from the EU institutions and international organisations, etc.);

  • Art and design community in Brussels (including representatives of galleries and design stores);

  • Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian communities in Brussels.

Is it necessary to exhibit creative works at the Pop-up Exhibition for them to be accepted in the Online W@DesArts Gallery?


Exhibiting creative works at the Exhibition would create more visibility for the Exhibitor and provide more opportunities to sell her works. However, if for any reason the Exhibitor cannot exhibit her creative works at the Exhibition they can nevertheless be displayed in the Online W@DesArts Gallery.

What information do you need to provide in order to exhibit your creative works in the online W@DesArts Gallery?


For exhibiting works on the online W@DesArts Gallery you will need to submit accurate and comprehensive information (to fill in  Annexes 1 and 2 to the Application form), including the following:

a) Information about the Author:

  • Your name; if you are using a creative label – the title and logo of the label;

  • Your creative history (e.g., your resume and / or information about what inspires you, etc)

b) Description of each exhibited item:

  • Title of the exhibited item or simply a short description if no title is given (e.g., ‘Silver brooch with onyx’

  • The story or the narrative underlying the exhibited creative work (e.g., whether it belongs to a cycle or a collection)

  • Materials used (e.g., sterling silver, onyx)

  • The size / dimensions of the exhibited creative work.


How are creative works purchased on the online W@DesArts Gallery delivered to the customers?


 By exhibiting your creative works in the Online W@DesArts Gallery you agree to:

  • Ship the purchased creative works within 48 hours of the notice that the exhibited item has been purchased on the Online W@DesArts Gallery. Exhibitors must ship an item or otherwise complete a transaction with a buyer in a prompt manner, save for exceptional circumstances.

  • Purchased creative works must be wrapped and/or packaged in such a way that no damage is done to them whilst they’re being shipped to the customer. The Exhibitor chooses the best way to ship the purchased creative work. W@DesArts does not accept any responsibility for the shipping and/or the quality of the shipped items.

  • W@DesArts agrees to deliver purchased creative works to the customers based in Brussels after the Exhibition of 7 December 2017, that is, before the creative works are sent back to the Exhibitor.


What is the cost of participating in the Pop-up Exhibition on 7 December 2017?


  • Participation in the Exhibition is free of charge.

  • An Exhibitor arrives to the Exhibition at her own expense.

  • An Exhibitor may decide not to participate at the Exhibition in person but send her creative works by courier to the Organisers at her own expense. In this case, the parcel must be insured until delivered to the Organisers. The Organisers undertake to return the exhibits to the Participant at their expense by courier within 24 hours from the end of the Exhibition. The parcel will be insured.

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